Montana Elk Hunting

Beartooth Plateau Outfitters has been taking clients on backcountry, horseback elk hunts for over 35 years now. We furnish everything except your tags and personal gear. We provide a comfortable camp, hard working guides/wranglers, a camp cook, hearty meals, horses and tack. Your Montana wilderness elk hunting trip with us will be both productive and safe, as well as an experience you will likely remember forever!!!

Don’t expect to have a mint on your pillow or someone to sing you to sleep. (Guides might for a little extra tip) This is a backcountry camp, comfortable and user friendly.

Both Montana rifle elk hunting and Montana archery elk hunting trips are offered. Our comfortable, wall tent elk hunting camps are located in the remote wilderness of the Absaroka-Beartooth range and Beaverhead National Forest. Our horses allow us to get elk hunters into hunting locations before daylight giving them great opportunities. Our Cooke City elk camp is approximately 7 miles into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and our Wisdom elk camp is roughly 8 miles into the Beaverhead National Forest. Our guides will hunt as hard as you want, being in good physical condition greatly increases your odds of taking a bull. Riding and walking long distances come with territory on a backcountry hunt of any kind, being able to do these things will increase your opportunities and you will have a more enjoyable experience.

On a typical hunt you can expect to wake up to guides catching horses well before daylight and having a stick to your ribs breakfast before you saddle up for the day.  Your guide will then take you to your hunting area, where you will spend the day hunting these wily wilderness bulls.  On your hunt you can expect to do a lot of riding and walking in the dark.  Even though this is as safe as possible considering our great horses and knowledgeable guides, we understand this could take a little getting used to.  It isn’t exactly mandatory, but it will put the odds of finding a bull more in your favor.  Upon returning to camp, our camp cook will have a great meal waiting for you and you will most likely be more than ready to stoke up your stove and crawl into your bedroll for the night.